VINO goes beyond MPLS

SD-WAN builds secure business networks
with 10x more speed & up to 70% less cost

SD-WAN Buyer's Guide

Software-Defined WAN as a Service

VINO SD-WAN brings security, agility and efficiency to a new generation of business networks

Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO)

Cloud and Internet traffic is now surpassing WAN traffic but legacy networks cannot keep up with security threats and bandwidth demand
IPSec VPN and hybrid WAN can provide broadband speeds, but there is added complexity and no guarantee for service quality to the branch
SD-WAN as a Service

VINO SD-WAN combines Internet, Cloud, and WAN optimization

Hybrid WAN
Easily scale WAN and Internet bandwidth to any branch at broadband per megabit prices
Cloud WAN
Cloud managed firewalls and automated encryption bring agility to your network security policies
Cloud Managed WAN
Performance optimization with robust SLA management across all WAN, Cloud and Internet services
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VINO SD-WAN Solution Design

Managed security and performance for all your WAN, Cloud and Internet applications

End-to-end encryption and QoS for all SD-WAN traffic, plus optimization for all Branch Internet and Public Clouds

VINO creates secure and private customer SD-WAN solutions on a nationwide scale with carrier grade service quality to the branch

All-in-One VINO Edge at the Branch delivers cloud managed Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Accelerate branch deployments through zero touch provisioning and eliminate complexity with no on-site IT required

Autonomous per-packet optimization protects applications through network outages and broadband brownouts

Real-time branch security updates and consistent SLA management across all sites, links and applications

VINO SD-WAN provides end-to-end QoS and security so you can focus on your business instead of your network

SD-WAN QoS Diagram

VINO SD-WAN Orchestration

Simple yet sophisticated orchestration combines network agility with SLA management

The VINO Portal maximizes efficiency and enables SLA management across all your services based on the user’s quality of experience

SD-WAN Order

Order Entry

Integrated efficiency starts with the initial order and site service information

SD-WAN Provisioning


Zero Touch Provisioning accelerates service turn-ups with no truck roll installations



Network Functions Virtualization in the cloud simplifies the process for change and repair

SD-WAN Orchestration


Dashboards and alerts keep support teams proactive and accelerate troubleshooting

Our partners build VINO SD-WAN solutions across North America and manage them through a single-pane-of-glass

TELoIP Cloud

The TELoIP Cloud is currently servicing over 800 cities throughout North America

Multi-Site Customer QoE Network View

SD-WAN Network Health Map
Learn More about Teloip Portal

VINO SD-WAN Architecture

We've abstracted policy control to simplify management complexities along the network path

TELoIP solutions are deployed at the network edge creating a Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO)

VINO combines cloud orchestration with big data analytics and patented automation to deliver a superior end-to-end user quality of experience

SDN Framework

SDN and NFV Framework

VINO SD-WAN Components



All-in-one cloud managed CPE devices with zero touch-provisioning that bring VINO SD-WAN and VINO SD-Internet services to the customer branch

VINO Controller

VINO Controllers

Cloud gateways that bring security, intelligence and NFV to the network edge

SD-WAN Control Plane

The TELoIP Cloud

Our hardened carrier grade network of VINO Controllers provides the Control Plane, which extends security and application quality for Cloud, WAN and Internet services across North America

SD-WAN Orchestration

The VINO Portal

Cloud orchestrator that combines zero touch provisioning with end-to-end visibility and control for robust SLA management through a single pane of glass with no on-site IT required

VINO SD-WAN Features

VPN is the underlay encryption technology driving the evolution to cloud managed SD-WAN

VINO SD-WAN combines security, agility and cloud orchestration with per-packet optimization for market leading broadband performance

Branch Access

Multi-patented technology combines the full speed of all branch connections into one virtual circuit that autonomously optimizes the user quality of experience. Seamless failover provides high availability for branch access by keeping all users and applications connected with no change in IP address and no dropped calls.


Internet & WAN

Secure, scalable bandwidth with IPSec class encryption for both Internet and WAN traffic. Underlay bandwidth conditioning and dynamic routing intelligence protect applications from network congestion, broadband brownouts and link outages.

The TELoIP Cloud

TELoIP provides the hardened, multi-tenant Control Plane infrastructure for VINO WAN that automatically builds private and secure customer protected route domains with nationwide reach. The TELoIP Cloud uses real-time routing intelligence to enforce VINO WAN security policies and optimize user Quality of Experience across all WAN, Cloud and Internet applications.

The VINO Portal

Zero touch provisioning is combined with cloud monitoring and management based on user Quality-of-Experience (QoE). QoE scores combine latency, jitter and loss into an accurate real-time metric for all networks, sites and applications. QoE charts and alerts are integrated with diagnostic tools that help you find problems and fix them faster than ever before.

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