Networking Field Day 15 - TELoIP SD-WAN

On-Demand replays of TELoIP Presentations from April 6, 2017

TELoIP presented our VINO SD-WAN solution live to a distinguished panel of industry experts at Networking Field Day 15 event in Silicon Valley on April 6, 2016. Tech Field Day has broken it all down into these four on-demand video replay modules.


TELoIP Company Overview

Kevin Suitor, Chief Marketing Officer at TELoIP, reviews the company’s market focus, delivering SD-WAN as a managed service. The company has multi-tenant, with nine global points of access. This also extends to their model of SD-Internet, which allows for unbreakable tethers directly to the public internet.

Recorded at Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley on April 6, 2017.

TELoIP SDN Framework

Pat Saavedra, founder and CTO at TELoIP, reviews the framework that underlies their software-defined networking. He defines the components of what TELoIP defines as SDN, and how their Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) SD-Internet and SD-WAN solutions work with those components. He then gives an overview about how they built out their SD-WAN solution architecture.

Recorded at Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley on April 6, 2017.

TELoIP Deeper Dive

Pat Saavedra, founder and CTO at TELoIP, goes into a technical deep dive on their SD-WAN solution. Their overlay is able to offer per-packet aggregation to deliver full speeds from all connections to a single user. Pat shows how they offer pre-emptive failover, bi-directional QoS via their Intelligent Packet Distribution Engine, and extended orchestration and management into the cloud.

Recorded at Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley on April 6, 2017.


Jeremy Milligan, Product Engineer at TELoIP, walks through a live demonstration of some of their SD-WAN features. He runs through the systems ability to compress traffic, allow for fast failover with links pulled during the demo, and how it handles a traffic dump under load.

Recorded at Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley on April 6, 2017.

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SD-WAN: Redundancy and Optimization

April 14, 2017 | Kevin Blackburn | The Routing Table

“Bottom line, if a company is paying for internet circuits, the TELoIP VINO product ensures they are all used to their max potential.” – Kevin Blackburn

TELoIP and the SD-WAN Cook-off

April 21, 2017 |Rich StroffolinoGestalt IT

“I’ve highlight the features that jumped out to me, their aggregated connection approach is really fascinating, and informs a lot of their other features. TELoIP is no newcomer to SDN, and their approach to SD-WAN shows it.” – Rich Stroffolino


April 24, 2017 | Phil Gervasi | {NETWORKPHIL}

“What makes it compelling is the MPLS quality at a broadband price point. SD-WAN as a Service then takes the ownership element out and delivers the WAN as something to be consumed, not owned.” – Phil Gervasi

Network as a Service provider TELoIP

April 27, 2017 | Keith Townsend | The CTO Advisor

“However, if I were to place a label on TELoIP, I’d call them a NaaS provider. TELoIP comes the closest I’ve seen to providing the type of service I envisioned.” – Keith Townsend

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