Overlay Networking

It's no secret that WAN appliance sales are declining due to the arrival of SD-WAN, and this is only the beginning. Our "Channel Partner Survival Guide to SD-WAN" will help you capitalize on the emerging SDN economy through a combination of SD-WAN and cloud adoption.

If your business is ever going to reach the level of network agility required to compete in today's rapidly evolving application-centric world, now is the time to adopt a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

There’s certainly plenty of hype, but have you been wondering why there’s such a fuss about SD-WAN? Well, we’ve boiled it down to one easy-to-read infographic with all the key insights you need-to-know.

The cloud is not only driving the digital business transformation; it’s fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and share ideas. As businesses continue to embrace both public and private cloud applications, CIOs are collectively awakening to the reality that their MPLS WAN was not designed to deliver cloud services.

TELoIP has developed multiple, patented overlay techniques that are encapsulated in our SD‑WAN solution, which is built on our Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) architecture

Enterprise network infrastructures have been dependent on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for such a long time, but now it is a time for a change. What if, your network could be 10x faster? Just imagine how much more you can do with a faster network. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the answer.

Are Software-Defined solutions an Emerging Threat or Opportunity for Channel Resellers?

Cloud adoption is disrupting the IT world to its very foundations and forcing the channel to evolve from products to services, or risk being relegated to mere plumbers and pipe providers. With network upgrade cycles slowing and increasing financial uncertainties on the horizon, SD-WAN provides more sustainable economic benefits for customers, channel partners and MSPs.

The FCC Net Neutrality Ruling opens up the Internet for business using Over-the-Top Services

In the wake of the recent FCC ruling, the Internet is officially open for business. Net Neutrality (NN) turns the Internet into an unbiased Access Plane infrastructure for Over-the-Top (OTT) networking services. This puts Incumbent Local ISPs on equal footing with every Cloud Services Provider (CSP), opening up Public Broadband to competition for OTT content, applications and services.