Overlay Networking

Pat Saavedra, founder and CTO at TELoIP, goes into a technical deep dive on their SD-WAN solution. TELoIP offers per-packet aggregation to deliver full speeds from all connections to a single user. Pat shows how VINO provides pre-emptive failover with bi-directional QoS via their Intelligent Packet Distribution Engine. (replay and presentation transcript)

Pat Saavedra, founder and CTO at TELoIP, reviews the TELoIP SDN framework. Pat lays out the components of what TELoIP defines as SDN, and how their Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) SD-Internet and SD-WAN solutions work with those components and how TELoIP built out their SD-WAN solution architecture. (presentation replay and transcript)

Kevin Suitor, Chief Marketing Officer at TELoIP, reviews the company’s market focus, delivering SD-WAN as a managed service. The company has multi-tenant, with nine global points of access. This also extends to their model of SD-Internet, which allows for unbreakable tethers directly to the public internet. (Presentation replay and transcript)

What the SMB market needs is a customized managed SD-WAN solution with broadband-per-megabit pricing, maximum cloud versatility, and a deployment model that won't strain limited IT resources. TELoIP’s patented VINO technology is purpose-built to deliver on the promise of SD-WAN for the SMB market.

Free SD-WAN webinar with Kevin Suitor, our CMO, telecoms expert and successful entrepreneur. Kevin will spend 15-minutes discussing how to use SD-WAN to increase network speeds, reduce cost and increase end-to-end security. Jeremy Milligan our Senior Solutions Engineer, will perform a 30-minute demo of the TELoIP Cloud and how it builds unbreakable tethers for hosted VoIP and public cloud services.

TELoIP is hosting a series of SD-WAN Fireside Chats where company Founder and CTO, where Pat Saavedra answers audience questions about the SD-WAN industry. Here's an inside look at the first episode with insights on SDN, MPLS Hybrid SD-WAN deployments and so much more. The full episode transcript and podcast are available to subscribers.

Cloud is breaking the WAN and customers need to do something disruptive, the good news is SD-WAN has emerged to provide an MPLS alternative. This blog post explores the emergence of Managed SD-WAN, and how customers can ensure they reach their full SD-WAN potential.

It's no secret that WAN appliance sales are declining due to the arrival of SD-WAN, and this is only the beginning. Our "Channel Partner Survival Guide to SD-WAN" will help you capitalize on the emerging SDN economy through a combination of SD-WAN and cloud adoption.

If your business is ever going to reach the level of network agility required to compete in today's rapidly evolving application-centric world, now is the time to adopt a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

There’s certainly plenty of hype, but have you been wondering why there’s such a fuss about SD-WAN? Well, we’ve boiled it down to one easy-to-read infographic with all the key insights you need-to-know.

The cloud is not only driving the digital business transformation; it’s fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and share ideas. As businesses continue to embrace both public and private cloud applications, CIOs are collectively awakening to the reality that their MPLS WAN was not designed to deliver cloud services.

TELoIP has developed multiple, patented overlay techniques that are encapsulated in our SD‑WAN solution, which is built on our Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) architecture