Network as a Service provider TELoIP

The CTO Advisor | April 27, 2017 | TELoIP is an intriguing 13-year old company. The company markets themselves as a SD-WAN provider. I guess that’s accurate given the hype around SD-WAN and the given solution. However, if I were to place a label on TELoIP, I’d call them a NaaS provider. TeloIP comes the closest I’ve seen to providing the type of service I envisioned. read more


{NETWORKPHIL} | April 24, 2017SD-WAN as a Service is coming to the marketplace as something to be be consumed, not owned. IT decision makers just want an ethernet handoff, and a managed WAN is already a common professional service, so for the typical IT manager, the case for SD-WAN as a Service is ease of use and cost savings. Very little else. read more

TELoIP and the SD-WAN Cook-off

Gestalt IT | April 21, 2017 | You don’t have to follow enterprise IT too closely before you quickly become familiar with the idea of SD-WAN. It’s the chili of enterprise networking. Everyone seems to have their own recipe, but when you look in the pot, they all look similar… While a lot of SD-WAN companies focus just on the recipe, TELoIP has a different focus. They’re delivering it as a service model, as opposed to going direct to organizations. read more

SD-WAN: Redundancy and Optimization

The Routing Table | April 14, 2017 | There are two main reasons that people really look to the SD-WAN solutions that are out there: redundancy and optimization… True optimization will make the most of all available circuits at all times. By doing this, there is no failover “blip” when a specific circuit fails, since all links are already being utilized. read more

CRN Software-Defined Data Center 50

CRN | March 14, 2017 |CRN assembled this list of 50 companies on the forefront of developing the software-defined data center. Actually, 49 companies, with VMware included separately from Dell EMC given its own prominence in this industry. Prepare to be amazed. read more

TELoIP Tells All in Advance of ITExpo

TMCNet | February 1, 2017 |A preeminent provider of SD-WAN and SD-Internet solutions, TELoIP, will join the mass of industry leaders at next week’s ITEXPO. And, leading up to the event, TELoIP Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Suitor spent some time with TMC to talk a bit about the year that was, what we can expect in Fort Lauderdale from the SD solution provider and 2017. read more

SD-WAN Opportunities Shine in 2017

ChannelVision Magazine | January – February, 2017 | page 16 – …“The cloud breaks MPLS,” explained Kevin Suitor, chief marketing officer at TeloIP, which offers SD-WAN on a wholesale basis. “You have a massive cloud market out there – by 2020, it will be worth $190 billion – plus there’s a second massive mega-market behind it in the Internet of Things. Billions of devices coming online will require a different type of network than what we’ve had for the last 20 years.” read more

A CMO to Know: Kevin Suitor, TELoIP | December 16, 2016 | Kevin Suitor to didn’t set out to become a CMO, but his college co-op placement changed his intended career path. “I got the selling bug,” he says.

The newly appointed CMO of TELoIP Inc. went to Ottawa’s Algonquin College for electronics engineering and, thanks to one of his professors, found a co-op placement with Bell Canada that would put him down the path of sales rather than technology. read more

Selling SD-WAN Through Channel Partners Elevates TELoIP

SDxCentral | July 29, 2016 | The Canadian SD-WAN startup TELoIP differentiates itself from the field of SD-WAN vendors by selling its technology through channel partners.

Many SD-WAN vendors sell directly to enterprise customers. But TELoIP sells through managed service providers (MSPs). And it’s finding its alliances with MSPs to be advantageous when competing against other vendors.  read more

TELoIP Touts SD-WAN for Resellers

ChannelVision Magazine | July 29, 2016 | TELoIP is showcasing its SD-WAN and SD-Internet solutions for resellers.

Sold exclusively through partners, TELoIP’s multi-patented Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) solutions enable resellers to address their business customers’ changing, multi-site networking requirements while transitioning to SD-WAN at their preferred pace. read more

Want Better SD-WAN Performance?

SD-WAN ResourceMay 23, 2016 | With software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) becoming increasingly in vogue for companies looking to keep several operations together and running the growing slate of software-based operations, it’s not surprising companies want the most from SD-WAN operations. TELoIP, meanwhile, may have just the thing to make SD-WAN performance even better with a recently patented product. read more

Tolt Solutions Looks to TELoIP to Drive Managed Network Services Infrastructure

SD-WAN ResourceApril 21, 2016 | Tolt Solutions—already known for its retail solutions and accompanying technology—recently put some new life in its own operations by joining up with TELoIP for its software-defined overlay networking systems. read more

TELoIP Offers SD-WAN For Resellers & MSPs

Packet PushersMARCH 18, 2016 | Resellers that don’t want to miss out on the growing interest in SD-WAN should check out TELoIP. This company provides all the pieces of SD-WAN and packages it up for managed service providers and resellers to offer to their own customers. read more

Spotlight: TELoIP adapts overlay network architecture to SD-WAN use cases

Fierce Enterprise CommunicationsMarch 9, 2016 | Overlay network vendor TELoIP has joined the growing number of firms delving into the burgeoning software-defined WAN market. The company launched VINO WAN based on its overlay network architecture. The SD-WAN offering was designed to unify WAN, cloud and Internet optimization to provide connections to branch offices.  read more

Prepackaged SD-WAN Coming To a Reseller Near You

Tech TargetMARCH 22, 2016 | According to Packet Pushers blogger Drew Conry-Murray, resellers should be on the lookout for SD-WAN offerings from TELoIP Inc. The company, based in Mississauga, Ont., vends prepackaged SD-WAN to managed service providers and recently released its Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) WAN product.  read more

TELoIP came out with an SD-WAN solution called VINO WAN

NFV Essentials Week in ReviewMARCH 12, 2016 | …Also this week, TELoIP came out with an SD-WAN solution called VINO WAN. It packages all three components of SD-WAN – data plane, control plane and network orchestration –into one turnkey service offering.  read more