The Forgotten WAN

Following the market dominance of MPLS, enterprise networking is now in the midst of a massive market disruption that is being created by SD-WAN.  Even major MPLS carriers are getting in the game by adding “Managed SD-WAN” to their WAN product mix right alongside their trusty old MPLS services.  MPLS hybrid solutions are a great fit for larger enterprise customers, but small and medium businesses have specialized requirements.  What the SMB market needs is an SD-WAN solution with broadband-per-megabit pricing that provides maximum cloud versatility, and a deployment model that won’t strain limited IT resources.

Consider that many small businesses could never afford MPLS in the first place, so they’ve been making due with various forms of broadband VPN solutions.  Meanwhile, in the mid-market we’re finding many customers are struggling with high-cost and even high-latency on their existing MPLS WAN.  To make thing worse, these legacy WAN alternatives were never designed to facilitate SMB cloud adoption for mission-critical applications. When it comes to meeting their network requirements for security, speed and performance it’s easy to see why many SMBs feel like the forgotten WAN.

SMB WAN Requirements

What about Public Clouds?

SMBs are hungry for every advantage they can get, and being small often allows you to be more nimble.  Public cloud business applications, like Salesforce, are helping SMBs maximize their productivity through enterprise grade software with no private infrastructure required.  With pay-as-you-grow pricing, these public cloud applications are sold as a service, enabling the SMB to avoid upfront cash outlays.  The only drawback for public clouds is they are delivered over the Internet, which means SMB cloud productivity is suddenly contingent on the uptime and performance of their broadband access circuits.

Larger enterprise customers often run their applications in a private cloud, so they can look for an SD-WAN solution that enhances the reliability and performance of their Data Center connection.  Once again, the SMB may feel a bit left out because typical SD-WAN as a Service offerings will not help them address their public cloud performance requirements.

Bringing it all Together

For the SMB, there are three essential keys to SD-WAN adoption. The first being broadband economics, which enables the SMB to maximize their ROI by avoiding the high cost-per-megabit of MPLS.  The next key is that SMBs need an SD-WAN solution that will address the reliability and performance of their mission-critical public cloud applications.  Finally, the SMB requires an SD-WAN solution that is delivered as-a-Service so they can minimize up-front cost and ongoing IT spend.  To ensure success, SMBs should seek out experienced Managed SD-WAN Providers who understand them and value their business.

TELoIP’s patented VINOTM technology is purpose-built to deliver on the promise of SD-WAN for the SMB market. VINO combines the efficiency of centralized orchestration with a distributed network of SDN gateway controllers for seamless integration of public and private clouds.  VINO includes powerful broadband optimization plus the versatility to seamlessly connect using any combination of MPLS or commodity Internet circuits. Certified VINO solution providers add the network design and management expertise to ensure successful SD-WAN deployments that deliver maximum ROI savings to SMBs without sacrificing reliability or performance.  Contact us today to find out more.

SD-WAN for SMB and Enterprise

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