Channel SD-WAN Survival Guide

The Future Belongs to SDN

If you’re business model is contingent on selling WAN appliances, then you’ve already noticed how SD‑WAN is eroding your hardware sales. The most important thing to be aware of is that this is only the beginning.  According to Gartner, “router sales are expected to drop by 23 percent, and branch office router sales by more than 60 percent by 2020, as 50 percent of all enterprise routers are replaced by SD‑WAN”.  Your survival instincts should be kicking in by now, but the great news is that there’s still time to get on the profitable side of history.

Channel Perspectives on SD-WAN

We are experiencing the largest market shift in 20 years, and this brings tremendous opportunity for channel partners to participate and build recurring revenue. The first thing to recognize is that the future of networking is more about software and less about hardware. The growth of SD-WAN and cloud services is happening across all vertical markets, and customers large and small are looking for help in selecting, implementing and managing the right SD-WAN and cloud solutions. We believe that channel partners have the right skills and experience to help customers make the successful transition to SDN.

The key for channel partners is to embrace SD-WAN and SDN today, so you can become an expert during the early adoption phase. But you must also choose your SD-WAN technology vendor wisely. As a 100% channel focused SD-WAN provider, TELoIP has seen the market confusion that has resulted from the various SD-WAN architectures and business models. In order to help you better understand the benefits and limitations across the SD-WAN landscape, we have put together a Survival Guide to SD-WAN that combines the customer perspective with the channel perspective to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

It is critical to recognize the differences between a hardware-based SD-WAN and a pure-play SD-WAN, and why managed SD-WAN is emerging as a key differentiator for both end-customers and service providers. If you’re ready to evolve beyond the shrinking WAN appliance market, we want to help you embrace the software-defined future in a way that you can not just survive, but thrive in the emerging SDN economy.

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