SD-WAN Agility

As enterprises move to digital business, there have been significant advancements made in flexibility and agility in the data center through software-defined approaches such as virtualization. However, one part of IT that has yet to evolve to provide the same level of flexibility and agility is the wide-area network.

Evolving the WAN should be at the top of every business leader’s priority list because enterprises will only be as agile as their least agile component—today, that is the WAN. If digital businesses are going ever to reach the level of agility required to compete in today’s rapidly evolving application-centric world, now is the time for the WAN to adopt a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN). One of the key attributes required is velocity and speed in wide area network deployment.

What If, You Could Go From Months To About A Week To Obtain A Circuit. And, Days To Minutes To Install Each Site?

For an enterprise network, there should be no downtime and maintenance should be as quick as possible, otherwise critical applications can be affected. Enterprise IT architectures currently deployed in various organizations are not very efficient at this. What if, installs could go from months to a week to obtain a circuit and days to minutes to install? An SD-WAN is a great option which can make installation, management, maintenance and security of your networks much simpler. There are many options for SD-WAN deployment based upon a client’s requirements.

SD-WAN can support any legacy connections including MPLS, Broadband Internet or LTE, which makes it very flexible and quick to adapt to any existing networks that any organization has already established. For a traditional MPLS-based WAN, the installation of each site would require long-term planning for ordering and installing new circuits and network devices at each remote location and branch.

SD-WAN Agility - From Months to Minutes

SD-WAN devices come pre-configured from the vendors such as TELoIP, and you can elect to use either one or two devices (active-active HA) per site depending on the level of redundancy and resiliency desired at each data center or branch office.

SD-WAN Agility - From Months to Minutes

Because each device is pre-configured, site installation does not require advanced technical knowledge on-site, often an office or store manager can locate the device where required, plug in the power cord and insert the network cables from the network provider in a matter of minutes. VINO Edge appliances even download updates to their policies, certificates, and protocols automatically from the TELoIP Portal without any on-site support required.

SD-WAN is truly the right choice for rapidly growing organizations as well as more established entities looking for significant cost savings. Circuit installation moving from months to weeks coupled with site configuration moving from days to minutes creates the foundation for a faster, more agile digital enterprise capable of operating at cloud speed.


Network agility is a mission critical element of today’s business networks. For true digital business transformation, WANs must be deployable as quickly as Public Cloud applications. To learn more about how customer requirements are driving the evolution to SD-WAN, please join our founder Pat Saavedra for a free webinar hosted by TMC on January 18, 2017 at 2 pm EST.

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