Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation – The Real Promise of SDN for Business

The cloud is not only driving the digital business transformation; it’s fundamentally changing the way people connect with each other and share ideas. As businesses continue to embrace both public and private cloud applications, CIOs are collectively awakening to the reality that their MPLS WAN was not designed to deliver cloud services.

WAN Becomes Private Cloud:

The traditional MPLS WAN was a relatively static network, connected with private circuits that have been plagued by long deployment cycles and high cost per megabit. Most SD-WAN solutions are simply designed to replace your basic WAN requirements for secure branch-to-branch connectivity and private cloud access.


This is leading to the dramatic rise of the Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), which promises a compelling combination of network agility, management efficiency and cost savings.


The real question for SD-WAN is can it bring your network to the cloud?

Not All SD-WAN Solutions Are Created Equal:

Forrester now projects the public cloud market to grow to $236 billion in 2020, so the limitations of this traditional WAN model will become increasingly evident as this trend toward the public cloud continues to accelerate. With many companies already facing a new cloud-based reality where public cloud usage has surpassed WAN traffic, which means their SD-WAN must address both WAN and Internet. The important thing to recognize is that not all SD-WAN solutions are created equal. Any SD-WAN solution that does not address your growing public cloud requirements for SaaS applications will be likely outdated before it’s even fully deployed.

Solutions Need Both WAN and Internet:

A fully cloud-enabled SD-WAN solution is more than just a DMVPN, it must go beyond the traditional WAN requirements to empower all your cloud users and cloud applications.

The key is to look for game-changing Internet performance with seamless integration and management for all your public cloud applications and remote workers.


Once you get past the marketing claims, you need an SD-WAN solution that truly brings both your Internet and WAN networks to the cloud.


Public Cloud security and performance is a mission critical element of today’s business networks.  For true digital business transformation, solutions must goes beyond SD-WAN to enhance performance and management for Public Clouds applications.  To learn more about how customer needs are driving the evolution to SD-WAN, please join me for a free webinar hosted by TMC on January 18, 2017 at 2 pm EST.

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