Overlay Networking for a Software-Defined World

VINO Architecture

There are many forms of network overlays: peer-to-peer networks, IP networks, VLANs – even the Internet itself is an overlay. More virtual overlay innovations from a variety of vendors will be required as we move further toward a software-defined networking (SDN) world. As an early mover, TELoIP recognized years ago the need to develop an SDN Embedded OS in order to increase the potential for network functions virtualization (NFV) along the network path.  Referred to as AgniOS, this software-defined operating system has enabled TELoIP to develop multiple, patented overlay techniques that today are encapsulated in our SD‑WAN solution, which is built on our Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) architecture.

Innovation & Hardened, Patented Technology Got Us Here

We Innovated Control & Data Planes Using Our SDN Embedded OS


We Have a Unique, Patented, Per-Packet Distribution System


We Built a Multi-PoP Service Infrastructure & Cloud Orchestration


Virtual Intelligent Network Overlays (Through Partners)


SDN Architecture

In the emerging SD-WAN market, there is a remarkable variety of solution architectures, all of which make similar claims of abstracting policy control to simplify management complexities along the network path.  VINO provides a multi-dimensional SD‑WAN overlay consisting of three primary components: a multi-tenant cloud orchestrator (the TELoIP Portal), a distributed network of multi-tenant gateway controllers (the TELoIP Cloud), and CPEs at each customer branch (VINO Edge CPEs). Each VINO component is powered by our unique SDN OS, enabling several specialized capabilities to be delivered through this SD‑WAN architecture.


Our patented, advanced Data Plane tethers branch CPEs to the Control Plane with intelligent, per-packet distribution and optimization technology


Our Control Plane interconnects the distributed SD-WAN Controllers, offering proximal points of entry for all branches in a meshed P2MP over UC VxLAN-based technology that scales to thousands of endpoints


Our SD-WAN was designed to abstract overlapping customer subnets with multi-tenant support, creating per-customer, protected route domains

SD-WAN VINO Architecture

The TELoIP Cloud

9 PoPs & over 800 Cities Serviced

TELoIP Cloud Architecture

Hardened, carrier-grade infrastructure supporting Cloud, WAN and Internet services across North America


Within each PoP, TELoIP hosts VINO Controllers that track network health while enforcing application Quality of Service (QoS) and security policies on a per-packet basis


VINO Controllers collectively form a Control Plane that moves traffic across TELoIP’s virtual network

Control Plane – Full Mesh of Hubs

Distributed PoPs, VxLAN P2MP-UC, QoS/CoS,IGP

 VINO SD-WAN Controllers

Multi-Tenant Controllers at PoPs with support for overlapping customer subnets


Network control and provisioning is integral to the VINO Control Plane, which acts as a secure, customer-protected route domain overlay between PoPs in a point-to-multipoint, full mesh implementation

Data Plane – Hub to Spokes

Bandwidth Aggregation, Bi-Directional QoS, Failover, Cloud Gateway

VINO Data Plane

CPE to Controller@Home-PoP


Patented Proximal Aggregation technology embedded in the TELoIP Cloud overcomes distance-related performance degradation problems typical of long-haul link aggregation


Bridges to Control Plane @PoP


Distributed PoPs manage branch access for Internet and public cloud applications, eliminating WAN trombones

LAN to LAN – Full Mesh

WAN & Internet via Cloud Gateways

VINO WAN Branch Encryption

Allows customers to mix and match multiple circuits, including broadband Internet and MPLS


These circuits tie into TELoIP’s overlay network for access to the Internet, cloud services, and headquarters connectivity


Branch-to-Branch mesh connectivity with end-to-end encryption and QoS


TELoIP’s solutions are easily deployed through VINO Edge CPE appliances, with zero touch provisioning. VINO Edge appliances start at less than a hundred dollars for 10Mbps throughput, with additional models that go to 1Gbps and beyond. VINO Edge appliances are also available as a VM.


Using the embedded SDN OS, VINO Edge devices work in tandem with the VINO Controllers to dynamically steer packets across the aggregated underlay links. The health of each underlay link is monitored, and all branch traffic is intelligently managed to optimize both inbound and outbound performance for all cloud, WAN, and Internet applications according to user-defined application policies. VINO Edge appliances can shift traffic across links without dropping a connection, even for real-time traffic such as VoIP or video. Customers can mix and match network underlay circuits and carriers to connect their VINO Edge devices using any combination of MPLS, Broadband Internet, Cable, DSL or LTE.

VINO Edge CPEs offer virtualized network functions (VNFs) – including encryption, firewalling, and bi-directional QoS – that are available as remote feature add-ons embedded in the same cloud-managed appliance, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

The TELoIP Portal

We also provide a multi-tenant, cloud-based orchestration portal that enables service providers and resellers to provision, monitor and manage VINO solutions for their customers. The TELoIP Portal combines zero-touch provisioning with end-to-end visibility and control for robust SLA management through a single pane of glass, all with no on-site IT required.

SD-WAN Order

Order Entry

Integrated efficiency starts with the initial order and site service information

SD-WAN Provisioning


Zero Touch Provisioning accelerates service turn-ups with no truck roll installations



Network Functions Virtualization in the cloud simplifies the process for change and repair

SD-WAN Orchestration


Dashboards and alerts keep support teams proactive and accelerate troubleshooting

SD-WAN & SD-Internet Learning Center

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