SD-WAN Dynamic Routing

Selecting paths in networks always consists of choosing the route that will deliver the best user experience by minimizing packet losses and latency. Often known as path steering, or path selection, this routing choice is typically made at the application level as each session is initiated.

What if every single packet took the best path every time? Adapting routing policy decisions on-the-fly would solve a lot of problems, and this would even enhance the performance for application sessions already in progress when path conditions get worse. This would lead to minimum packet loss, low latency, and improved overall user experience. SD-WAN makes it possible to use dynamic routing intelligence to deliver these benefits where every packet takes the best path every time.

SD-WAN Dynamic Path Selection

SD-WAN is very efficient regarding traffic control and route optimization through dynamic path selection. SD-WAN solutions provide network administrators with more than cloud-based tools for centralized policy orchestration and traffic monitoring; they can also dynamically enforce traffic policies at any software-defined element along the network path. In order to utilize multiple public broadband Internet services, every SD-WAN gateway controller and endpoint should participate in path health checks and act as a packet switch that maintains forwarding tables consisting of route preferences or link availability. Through this, the network can monitor changes and simultaneously change paths based upon these forwarding tables to select the best path every time.

TELoIP’s VINO WAN uses multi-patented technology that takes SD-WAN dynamic path selection a step further by operating on a packet-by-packet basis. VINO combines the full speed of all branch connections into one aggregated virtual overlay circuit that autonomously optimizes the user quality of experience. In the VINO SD-WAN implementation, its Intelligent Packet Distribution Engine is an advanced decision tree that combines link conditioning with real-time path health checks and user-defined QoS policies to send every packet over the best path. This engine provides five key benefits:

  • Increases overall throughput for every user with real bandwidth aggregation using a per-packet aggregation system taking full advantage of all your underlay circuits;
  • Maximizes application performance by distributing packet traffic across all available paths;
  • No more choppy or pixelated Voice or Video calls by avoiding links with fluctuating latency and jitter;
  • Improves sensitive applications like VDI due to reduced packet loss by avoiding poor underlay circuit conditions with advanced bi-directional underlay rate limiting;
  • Dynamically adapts to optimize each user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) even through broadband brownouts and path outages for each packet.

Seamless failover provides high availability for branch access by keeping all users and applications connected with no change in IP address and virtually ‘hitless’ VoIP or Video calls — even with third party hosted PBX providers.

The dynamic path selection coupled with intelligent packet distribution and further enhanced with its bi-directional implementation is integral to VINO SD-WAN. These technologies detect links that are not working and immediately re-routes packets across those that are. This route determination and selection is very useful for speeding up networks and reducing effective latency. In short, a VINO SD-WAN network will always select the best path where there will be almost no to very minimum packet losses.

TELoIP VINO WAN provides scalable bandwidth and dynamic routing that intelligently avoids link outages and network congestion for all WAN, Internet, and Cloud applications. So, whether an organization uses an SD-WAN network to access public or private clouds, the packets take the best path every time using dynamic path selection.

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