SD-WAN is 10x Faster

Enterprise network infrastructures have been dependent on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) for such a long time, but now it is a time for a change. What if, your network could be 10x faster? Just imagine how much more you can do with a faster network. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is the answer. MPLS historically benefited enterprises by handling traffic issues efficiently and keeping the enterprise traffic secure. However, increased costs coupled with limited bandwidth and rigid network architectures has been affecting enterprise networks using MPLS as they move from private data centers to public SaaS services. SD-WAN steps in to save the day by making your network 10x faster.

Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN solves many of the problems you are or may be facing in your current enterprise network approach. Using SD-WAN, your organization can take advantage of broadband internet services without relying upon or being limited to high-cost, low-speed MPLS. With this ability to use broadband internet connections from an Internet or Cable provider, SD-WAN can help boost your network speeds by 10x or more. Another benefit of SD-WAN is that it can be deployed faster than an MPLS-based WAN and can be implemented as an overlay on existing MPLS networks as well.

Public and Private Cloud applications are becoming increasingly popular because they are lightweight, cheap and don’t require deployment on private servers. Limited bandwidth in MPLS networks hinders the use and performance of cloud applications on which most organizations are becoming increasingly dependent. SD-WANs can dynamically aggregate and reroute packet flows across multiple links in real-time improving performance tenfold. Forwarding decisions are quicker and more responsive to underlying network issues and adhere to business-centric QoS policies.

Your network could be 10x faster if you invest in SD-WAN. It is indeed one of the biggest changes in enterprise networking. TELoIP’s Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) is an SD-WAN solution comprising all of the features and benefits discussed in this post.

For more information check out this white paper.

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